Programme Description

Undergraduate Program of Studies of the School of Forestry and Management of the Enviroment and Natural Resources

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Compulsory courses Compulsory courses
Sociology Technical Mechanics
Meteorology - Climatology Genral Botany - Physiology
General Botany - Morphology Forest Soil Science
Mathematics Environmental Education
Engineering Drawing Hydrology – Hydraulic of mountainous watersheds
Forest Applications Freshwater Fisheries
Ecology Foreign Language
General Soil Science 
Foreign Language  
Optional CoursesOptional Courses
Zoology Environmental Physics
Forester –Environmentalist Science General Chemistry
Philosophy of Science Building and structural materials
Geology - Petrography Introduction to Informatics
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Compulsory courses Compulsory courses
Topography Forest Botany II
Forest Botany I Forest Biometry II
Forest Biometry I Forest Air Photography
Forest Informatics I Forest Road construction
Forest Pathology Forest Entomology
Foreign Language Foreign Language
Optional CoursesOptional Courses
Nature Geography Soil Mechanics
Forage Plants Fish Culture
Elements of Technical Legislation Forest Soil Fertility
Environmental Chemistry - Pollution of the Environment Forest Plants Sociology
Waste Recycling and Management Introduction to Regression
Soil Microbiology Teaching of Environmental Science
Regional Development
5th Semester 6th Semester
Compulsory courses Compulsory courses
Range Ecology Applied Silvicutlure
General Silviculture -Forest Ecology Improvement and Protection of Forest Genetic Resources
Forest Genetics Forest Informatics II
Wood structure and Properties Range Management and Improvement
Forest Cadastre Game Management
Forest Sampling Forest Opening -Transfer of Forest Products
Electronic Computers Chemistry and Chemical Products of Wood
Optional CoursesOptional Courses
Energy and Environment Forest Constructions
Forest Production and increase Forest Machine Engineering
Physiological Rangeland Ecology Genetic improvement of Range Species
Natural Resources Planning and Development Land use Planning and use of Forest Soils
Public Relations Renewable Energy Sources
Water Resources Management Environmental Communication
Geobotanics Applications of Machines in Forest works
Political Economy Ornamental Trees and Bushes
Mapping of Forest Areas
7th Semester 8th Semester
Compulsory courses Compulsory courses
Protection and Management of Wetlands Nature Conservation and Landscape Architecture of Natural areas
Mountainous Water Management and Control I Mountainous Water Management II
Forest Management I Wood Technology
Forest Products Harvesting Forest Management II
Forest Economics Forest Policy II
Forest Policy I Forest Evaluation and Accounting
Optional CoursesOptional Courses
Game Farming Environmental Policy
Topographic Instruments and Mapping of forest Areas Urban Silviculture (Urban Forestry)
Special and Alternative forms of Tourism Management Systems in Rangelands
Financing in Forestry Wood Preservation and Improvement
Applications of Photogrammetry Pesticides
Molecular analysis of Plants Forest Industries
Biological Prevention of Diseases and Insects Forest Recreation Policy
Protection of Genetic and Biological Diversity
Technology of Geo-Dams
Business dexterity
Management of non wood productive forest functions
9th Semester 10th Semester
Compulsory courses Compulsory courses
Forest Fires
Nurseries - Reforestrations
Remote Sensing of Natural Resources
Forest Energy Undergraduate Thesis
Investments and Development of Forest Resources
Forest Law
Optional Courses 
Ecology of Wildlife Species
Wood Recognition
Economics of Forest industries
Technical works and Studies of Environmental Impacts
Development Policy and European Union
Planting Techniques Arrangements
Comparative Forest Legislation
Wood Quality
Planning and Organization of Timber Harvesting
Applied Forest Management
Marketing of Forest Products
Organization and Administration of Forest industries